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The Agenda for a New America
Community Prosperity Blueprint

A comprehensive platform to SOLVE the persistent cycle of poverty and violence in urban communities and create a foundation for long-lasting prosperity.  Our intention is to move past “working on it” with an approach that harnesses the pillars of prosperity to catapult these communities from the bottom of US performance to a globally competitive position in one generation.

Pillars of Prosperity
The Pillars of Prosperity

Human Capital Development

We will unleash the talent of the Community to become globally competitive and well prepared to earn a living in the 21st century. 

  • Developing human capital strategies to understand the work of the future


  • Maximizing the potential of each individual through education, job training,  and physical and mental health.

Economic Development

We will create a platform for magnetizing investment and inspiring entrepreneurship for the next generation of community-owned enterprise.

  • Private funding platform for the community including foreign investment, crowd-funding, preparation of businesses for financing and cryptocurrency.

  • Laying the foundation for multi-generational prosperity in the 21st Century.

Citizen Engagement

We will empower the Community to become an influential political force in the 21st century.

  • Solution Development and Citizen enabling (voting, community safety, law enforcement, criminal justice reform, know your rights, civics education).


  • Public, regulatory, and media education on  New American Agenda policy activity. 

Infrastructure Development

We will ensure necessary resources in order for the Community to reach their full potential.

  • Basic Infrastructural needs like housing access, transportation, broadband

  • Environmental factors such as clean water and air

The Strategy
The Strategy

National strategies would be helpful and would accelerate the progress but every community with the vision and courage has the power to shape its own destiny.

Our underserved communities can be transformed to go from the bottom of US performance to a globally competitive standard in one generation.  

Why start there?  Because there is no lack of talent, effort, or genuine good will.  Communities who are prepared to vector their education system, financial markets, and citizen engagement to a 21st century platform can leapfrog the outmoded 20th century systems that have so failed them.

What will they need?  A platform that harnesses all their existing resources, the management to vector their efforts, and a national network of additional resources to fill in the gaps and move quickly toward the goal.  The US has the most sophisticated management capabilities in the world – they just have not been deployed to solving this problem.

Imagine, if communities in New York, Detroit, Chicago, Flint, New Orleans, Phoenix, and Oakland had systems that produce globally competitive human capital with a robust financing structure to support innovation in community-owned businesses, and structures that would educate citizens and hold their governments accountable to SERVE the people and produce real outcomes.

There is no question that the US is at a crossroads.  We have a critical choice now.  Our ancestors put themselves at great peril to secure the American Dream for us.  The challenge for our generation, and the way we will be judged by history, will be determined by what We the People do now to secure the New American Dream for us and our posterity.

Our approach is distinctly different than past attempts to tackle these challenges.  We have a clearly articulated goal and a timeframe to achieve it with an approach that matches the enormity of the task.  We do not rely on government to solve the problem, but rather empower the community to make the maximum use of their own resources and engage with government where needed.  And lastly, we will bring the most advanced management science to bear to create an approach that is unique to each location yet scalable to a national level.  We play to win, and win we will.

The result will be a blueprint for transformation of any community. AMS will deploy the most advanced management science to produce a repeatable platform that can enable communities to develop a tailored solution for their own needs and enable them to tap into the best practices from around the country.    

Current Initiatives
Current Initiatives

New American Community Center: Physical Locations, Web Presence,

Newspaper, and Mobile App

Establish a suite of capabilities to act as a community "center of gravity" for education, job training, entrepreneurship, financing, and citizen engagement.  Using existing and repurposed assets, (such as bank branches), web presence, physical newspaper, and mobile app we will have the ability to both listen and provide vital information to guide the overall effort.

Staff and operations support will be required for the following initiatives:

The National Community Prosperity Blueprint:

This initiative will leverage the extensive methods and work to date that has been provided to the Society in collaboration with corporations, community groups, and government to develop the tools, methods, and techniques that will act as a blueprint that any community can use to achieve their goals.  This first step is a Prosperity Assessment to understand the baseline condition of the communities' assets.


The New American Agenda Strategic Objective Setting

The first communities to take up the Agenda will become the founders of the platform for establishing the objectives in each pillar (human capital, economic and civic engagement) that the vast majority of Americans would agree.  These objectives will be clearly articulated, with measures to be used to set current baselines and track progress.


Thought Leadership Engagement

Objectives can be informed by engaging the community with national thought leadership.

  • The New American Citizen – preparing US citizens to engage

    1. Law enforcement and community safety

    2. Criminal justice reform

    3. Voting and how our  government works

    4. Becoming informed in the age of information warfare

  • Making a living in the 21st Century – the gig economy and the role of Unions

  • Human Capital as a National Asset –national policy for the 21st-Century economy

  • The New Urban Agenda - from anti-poverty to multi-generational wealth


New American Prosperity Assessment

We start with the current status of the community, creating a comprehensive assessment of the current condition of the Pillars of Prosperity and all the resources available to the community – including federal and state initiatives like opportunity zones.

Using the Prosperity Assessment data, we will develop a blueprint for each community that will include:


Citizen Engagement Pillar:  I am a Citizen Campaign

We will address the challenge of social justice head-on with a program that will combine community policing, criminal justice reform, voter education, and registration to help all members of the community act as responsible and engaged citizens.  Barriers to advancing education or economic platforms will be strategized with a clear formulation for plans to break barriers or access government resources.


Human Capital Pillar:  Community-based Human Capital Strategy

We will actively explore the skills and knowledge the productive citizen of the future will require and formulate a roadmap for maximizing the potential for each citizen including education, healthcare, job training,


Economic Pillar:  New American Economic Development Platform 

We then provide opportunities to participate in the significant surge in value of a community undergoing a NAA transformation. 

  1. Equity and Debt Marketplace – use a blockchain-based platform for matching businesses with financing – including consulting support to assure businesses are ready for financing.  This could attract both domestic and foreign investment.

  2. Indexed Fund for Crowdfunding – develop an index of the financed businesses in the community to give the community the ability to participate in the economic growth

  3. Cryptocurrency – provide a currency for the community to use to keep money circulating in the community

  4. Infrastructure- Housing access, environment (water, air), broadband, transportation

Infrastructure Pillar:

We will ensure the necessary resources in order for the Community to reach its full potential.

  1. Basic Infrastructural needs like housing access, transportation, broadband

  2. Environmental factors such as clean water and air

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