Jeanne DiFrancesco

Ms. DiFrancesco is the founder of the American Millennium Society and the Principal of ProOrbis, LLC.  She is one of the world’s leading experts in the economic valuation of intangible assets and sources of value including human capital, brands, and the value of science and technology R&D.  Her experience also includes the intangible valuation of U.S. government mission objectives, national priorities, and evaluation of the performance of governmental operations.  With over 30 years of executive and strategic level experience, Ms. DiFrancesco is the project architect and visionary for ProOrbis projects and thought leadership initiatives. 

ProOrbis clients are generally leaders in their industries, often with a long track record of success. They range in size and nature, but are generally complex, global businesses with a wealth of expertise.  Ms. DiFrancesco authored the ProOrbis® Method, a proprietary framework of strategic and economic techniques that combine management theory and applications that set the standard for managing the value of investments in an enterprise and maximizing returns on investment.  The ProOrbis® Method is built on groundbreaking work Ms. DiFrancesco completed at the Wharton School and  has been deployed by some of the world’s leading private and government organizations in health sciences, electronic materials, banking, insurance, financial operations, power generation, logistics, electronic warfare, spacecraft and geospatial intelligence. 

Ms. DiFrancesco  is the author of the reference model for the National Laboratory to manage the scientific activities on the International Space Station.  She has written extensively about the management of human capital as an asset, the energy industry, and space.  Her most recent work, The Economics of Microgravity Research, was requested by the Journal Nature for publication in the launch of a new journal on microgravity research, npj Microgravity.  For more information, please visit the ProOrbis website at

Jineea Butler

Jineea Butler (@flygirlladyjay) is a Hip Hop Analyst, Motivational Speaker, Innovator, Nationally Syndicated Columnist and the newly appointed Editor and Chief of The New American Newspaper for Black Press USA, as well as a Division 1 NCAA Collegiate Hall of Fame Basketball Player.  She currently serves as the President and Founder of the Hip Hop Union and is a technical assistance intermediary for schools, programs, small businesses and corporations who want to effectively motivate and engage Hip Hop Citizens.  

As one of the most influential intellectuals of her time, Jineea has been on the front lines fusing Hip Hop culture into education, politics and sports.  In college she graduated as the school's all time leading scorer/ rebounder and third in history to post over 1000 points and 1000 rebounds.  She has worked for HIV/AIDS housing, the New York City Department of Correction, and was the Director of Career Development for two of the largest homeless agency’s in the country, before committing her life’s work to solving what she has coined the nation’s biggest issue, the Hip Hop Dilemma, which is defined as the common distasteful physical, emotional and/or mental trauma people experience when coming in contact with the Hip Hop Community.

Jineea joined Reverend Jesse Jackson Sr. and Rainbow PUSH Coalition as a consultant in 2008 to bridge the gap between young adults and the Civil Rights movement.  Under Reverend Jackson's leadership, Jineea resurrected Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s I AM A MAN Campaign through the logical continuation of I AM A CITIZEN in 2009.  As a testament to her forward thinking, five years later the world is in engaged in full protest.  In addition, Jineea has spent the last 5 years building a solid foundation for the future of the Hip Hop Union which includes a Entrepreneur Cooperative, a Super PAC and a system to grow and sustain lucrative business.  

Jineea has been featured in and on USA Today, the New York Post’s Page Six, Fox News, Sirius Satellite and countless other media and publications.  Most recently she received the esteemed 2015 Pioneer Award from the Rainbow PUSH Coalition's Wall Street Project and represented the United States in Seoul, Korea as a messenger of peace addressing an audience of over 50,000 on behalf of Hip Hop’s transformative power at one of the world’s largest Peace Summits.

Aris Chicles

Cynthia Green

Ms. Green is the former Chief Marketing Officer of DuPont and on the board of several regional economic development committees. Her successful track record of building and revitalizing global businesses makes her a key asset to American Millennium Society’s success.

Anthony Priest

Mr. Priest has extensive experience leading and managing urban development and education organizations. As a chairman, project manager, engineer, teacher, and Harvard Business School alumnus, Mr. Priest brings a diverse array of experiences to the Board.

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