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Jineea Butler


Jineea Butler (@flygirlladyjay) is a Hip Hop Analyst, Motivational Speaker, Innovator, Nationally Syndicated Columnist and the newly appointed Editor and Chief of The New American Newspaper for Black Press USA, as well as a Division 1 NCAA Collegiate Hall of Fame Basketball Player.  She currently serves as the President and Founder of the Hip Hop Union and is a technical assistance intermediary for schools, programs, small businesses and corporations who want to effectively motivate and engage Hip Hop Citizens.  Jineea joined Reverend Jesse Jackson Sr. and Rainbow PUSH Coalition as a consultant in 2008 to bridge the gap between young adults and the Civil Rights movement.  Under Reverend Jackson's leadership, Jineea resurrected Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s I AM A MAN Campaign through the logical continuation of I AM A CITIZEN in 2009.

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